Maryniak works directly with clients on personalised wallcoverings and interior projects.


I tread the line between interior design and fine-art print-making

Tom Maryniak

Mural for the Borders

This commissioned mural dominates an upper hallway of a mansion on the Scottish borders.

The client, who divides his time between this house and residences in Milan and London’s Soho, wanted a design that would capture the essence of his life in the three locations.

The scene is of an imaginary Soho street, and depicts the client’s favourite haunts and people who own and frequent them. As shown here, this mural is placed above Maryniak’s existing ‘Cocktail Hour’ wallpaper.

The landscape behind the street contains references to the client’s life beyond Soho, including Milan’s Il Duomo, a pile of favourite books and the façade of the house in which the wallpaper hangs.






Black Douglas Delft

Commissioned by a member of the Douglas family, this tromp l’oeil design, inspired by Dutch Delft tiles, documents key points in the history of her ancient and noble clan.

The Douglas lineage, marred by various misfortunes, murders, suicides and executions, had been dubbed by Oscar Wilde, lover of Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas, as “the mad, bad line”. Fitting examples of Wilde’s description are illustrated in this wallpaper.


Soho Mural

Painted directly onto the wall of an en-suite to the master bedroom of a central London loft, the client was looking for something that harked back to the decadence of the golden age of partying.